Can anyone crack online poker algorithms?

You love playing poker online because it brings the elements of fun, thrill, and money to your home. All you need an internet connection and software, and you get access to the poker online world. The freedom and flexibility in terms of time and money make it one of the most popular games. It all sounds so interesting. But the whole system of online poker involves highly complex and sophisticated programs and algorithms to give you the smooth gameplay.Image result for poker1001

 Cracking Online Poker Algorithm, Impossible 

The simple answer is, yes, it is technically possible, but practically impossible. It is a fact that modern computing is far more capable to do defined calculations. We have seen Deep Blue defeating chess master Garry Kasparov and the same has been demonstrated in the online poker as well. Programmers of the University of Alberta have developed a computer algorithm that is capable of winning against any opponent in a fair online poker game. In other words, it is incapable of losing. What does it mean?

Ways to crack it?

  • As said technically, it is perfectly possible to reverse engineer the logic used in defining the poker program and use it in developing advanced logic to defeat the original program. Sounds easy, but it is practicality that makes it difficult. First things first, you need to have access to the source code so that you could decode the logic used in defining the randomness of card selection. It is not just card randomness, but several other factors that come into play in the whole poker game.


  • Modern algorithms are artificial intelligence-driven, meaning the system has its brain to decide the randomness. There is no human interface in the system. Even the developer doesn’t know what next is going to happen. The best of the best computing brain would require millions of dollars and thousands of hours of dedicated coding just to get access to the highly secure system. Even if one can crack the system, most of these programs have an automated shutting system in place, meaning the moment it finds an intruder it automatically blocks all activities.



  • Cheat programmers are there who develop malware to enter the device of several users at a time and take screenshots to steal card related information and use it to manipulate the game. But it is a simple case of smart stealing not cracking the algorithm.

 What Poker Cheats Do?

The nature of the invincibility of the online poker makes it attractive for computer programmers. They do all possible things to intrude the system, but unfortunately, they get detected and blocked. When it comes to online poker cheats they focus on manipulating these three aspects

  • Data mining to judge the pattern of the card randomness so that they could use it for their advantage against opponents. It isn’t system cracking, but a simple system analysis driven probability calculation.
  • Another aspect that cheats try to exploit is the automated play. They develop a program to substitute the human brain.
  • A search of certainty in card prediction is another aspect. But unfortunately, it is as uncertain as to the game itself. Cracking the random number generator is next to impossible.

We play games for fun and thrill. Since online poker is all about money, people do try to have control over the game so that they could win big. Just like any other game, online poker has its rules and ethics. Why kill the spirit of the game.