E-commerce Course in Singapore

Imagine this, for only two days’ worth of your time, you are able to access information regarding how to sell your products on three different E-commerce platforms. Sounds awesome, well it is. Conversion Hub; which is a Digital Marketing Agency offers the best digital marketing courses in Singapore. The company specializes in the internet marketing sphere and has one course in particular that really appealed to me and I just had to enroll. Being a newcomer on both Lazada and Carousel, I needed a platform where I could explore the opportunities the two have to offer. I found Conversion Hub very attractive especially after reviewing their website which outlines the course content in detail.


Product Sourcing

Learn product sourcing from E-commerce Course in Singapore

Product sourcing is something we all struggle with especially at the beginning of our businesses. In my case, it is especially difficult since I deal with beauty products which in the recent past have had an influx in counterfeits. Learning new ways to source products that are cheap and original was hence very important and my greatest take from the training. Every business owner can agree that sourcing products with 100 % resell profit is a major milestone. It was hence very delightful when the trainers for the course took their time on this part of the course.

Traffic generation

Sales in the E-commerce sector are primarily driven by the amount of traffic that each shop receives and the number of return customers coming back for more goods. It is hence important to learn simple and practical tactics that can be used to help generate more traffic to the store. From the training, I received some skills in this sector in the form of social media marketing. Both Lazada and Qoo10 are optimized for social media marketing and hence feasible with the training offered. After E-commerce course in Singapore, I easily sell on Lazada. The best part about this part of the training is that most of the entrepreneurs in this day and age use social media for one thing or the other.

The icing on the cake

Making sales is very difficult, making sales in a market that is largely standardized is even more difficult. It is calculated and requires various pre-requisite measures. The training by Conversion Hub clearly how one can make sales especially through proper product management. Product management is commonly achieved through product listing, pricing, stock management, content creation and promotion of the product. This part of the training required all those attending to become very hands-on and apply actual skills by doing trial runs which I found very captivating and efficient. By the end of it all, it felt like we had been making positive sales for a very long time.

How to Prepare yourself for the training

Unlike other training courses, Conversion Hub’s training requires little to no prior knowledge on the subject matter being trained on. The only pre-requisites that you will require for this course are a laptop and accounts with Qoo10, Lazada and Taobao accounts which are all very easy to open. Instructions. Now, you have no excuse for not attending this training especially if you live in Singapore and operate an online business within the platforms mentioned above.

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