Overview of the stock market

The stock market is the place where people can buy or sell shares of publicly listed companies. It provides a platform for seamless exchange shares or stocks. In simple terms, you can get the stocks of a company to get the little ownership. It’s important to check out that a person can trade in the stock market has traded with registered companies that are known as a stockbroker. The buying or selling of the stock can take place by electronic medium nowadays.


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Stock exchange

There are two different kinds of stock exchanges in India, where the majority of trades are taking place. Bombay Stock Exchange or National Stock Exchange is the main thing. Apart from these exchanges, several other regional stock exchanges include Bangalore stock exchange, but these exchanges do not perform a meaningful role.

National stock exchange

National stock exchange in India offers where people can purchase or sell the shares. The National Stock Exchange was established in 1992 or at me; currently, it is located in Mumbai. It has a flag Bishop of the index that is named as Nifty 50. The induction based on the top 50 companies on its trading volume and market capitalization.

Bombay stock exchange

Bombay Stock Exchange is Asia, one of the oldest stock exchange. It was settled in 1875, or it is also located in Mumbai. It has a total subject of 5295 companies that are listed, or 3972 are accessible for trading on August 21, 2017.This stock exchange measures the performance of 30 Largest companies, or it has a team of financially stable companies across the key sector.

Type of people in the stock market

There is a different kind of people in the stock market make investments to earn profit like penny stock trading. Now, several sectors are investing in the stock market because of its unlimited profitability.

Key facts

  • A securities exchange is where individuals purchase/sell offers or stocks of freely recorded organizations.
  • NSE and BSE are the two significant NASDAQ: AKAM trades.
  • An individual needs to compulsorily open an exchanging record to exchange the financial exchange.
  • There are different market members like retail speculators, household foundations and unfamiliar institutional financial specialists
  • SEBI represents Indian financial exchange.
  • There are different financial delegates like stock intermediary, banks, vault members, and so forth.
  • DEMAT account or dematerialized account permits holding partakes in electronic structure as opposed to taking physical ownership of certificates.

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.