What Makes Kona Coffee So Special?

If you are a coffee lover most probably you have heard about Kona coffee. In the past years this type of coffee has come out to be liked by most people due to several benefits it has on human health. But what makes it so special? This type of coffee is popular for its smooth and simply no bitterness or acidity. A lot of coffee brands out there need cream, sugar and other flavors to make them drinkable, but kona coffee is unique and perfect on its own.

You may wonder what makes it so unique, a number of things come together to make this coffee amazing for use. These include the perfect Kona volcanic soil, the tropical climate, and the farmers who work so hard to make the conditions most favorable for coffee to grow.

Kona’s excellent weather conditions

Kona is found in the western slopes of the Hualalai and Mauna Loa mountains on the Island of Hawaii. These mountains plays significant role in protecting the coffee from the heavy trade winds that blow from the northern east. These conditions provides tremendous advantage for the coffee growth from; mountain attracting cloud cover in the afternoons and blocking too much sunlight, bringing the much needed rainfall for the coffee trees and providing a gentle breeze with few storms that makes the coffee grow faster and very productive.

The Kona Volcanic Slopes

The perfect sloping volcanoes of Kona allow farmers to grow coffee from 600 feet to 2500 feet of elevation. These differences provides the much needed rainfall, moderate temperature and enough sunlight for growing coffee.

Hardworking farmers

Most coffee plantations tend to cover big areas that makes it hard for planting and caring for the growing crop. This is the opposite with Kona coffee. There are around 500 coffee farms in Kona, with most of them around 3-5 acres in size which makes almost every step in growing the crop be checked and maintained in the whole season. The farmers maintain proper care during plantation, care and harvesting that see the quality of the coffee at the top and unmatched with other coffee brands.

Tough quality control

Kona coffee farmers have collaborated with the State of Hawaii to create tough laws regarding the branding of Kona coffee. These laws protect Kona farmers all the time by ensuring high quality and consistency in production and branding of Kona coffee.

These strict measures create the highest quality of coffee, so as a consumer if you buy from Kona stores or in the malls you know you are getting the best quality in the market.